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For many small businesses the only way to deliver marketing at minimum cost is to take on the task in house. Although this approach is time consuming, with no external costs it maximises returns and eliminates the risk of employing an external marketing support organisation that simply fails to deliver results.

The ‘Do it Yourself’ path may be the cheapest route but without expert marketing support there is always the possibility of wasting time and money on ineffective marketing. The challenge is to find both low cost expert marketing advice and internet marketing tools and services that can be implemented in house.

Marketing At Minimum Cost

For any business owner serious about developing their own marketing education and making their business more profitable there are many issues to consider:

Where to start?

How to avoid wasting time and money on internet marketing tools and    services with low (if any) impact?

Where to find the marketing education and support to market your business online from people who have actually ‘ been there and done that’?

How to keep up to date with current best practice in an online marketing world which is changing fast?

Where to find the best internet marketing tools and services which maximise ROI?

Where to ask questions and get the low cost expert marketing support you need to move forward?

Marketing Education Online

The Open Education Project at WA gives high quality advice that cuts straight to the key issues, is current and is easy to follow. Effectively it is an online business growth adviser that also delivers a range of internet tools and services, including a website design package with inclusive hosting.

It’s true to say WA provides advice and guidance only, it will not do the work for you, so to progress to securing the customers you need will require hard work and commitment.

Why not take a look around at what is on offer for free with no obligation to continue. If you do decide you want some help with marketing and the Open Education Project fits with your needs then securing just a single new customer as a result of what you learn pay for a full year subscription and more and be a fraction of the cost of hiring an adviser or outsourcing

The choice is yours take a no risk look at what is on offer and then decide, or do nothing and be in the same position in six months as you are today.

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